Travel Tips

To make flying at airports a little less stressful:

Arrive early, at least one hour and fifteen minutes prior to your departure to allow enough time to locate a parking space, for additional security measures at the ticket counter and security checkpoint, as well as locating your gate.

Call your airline and confirm your flight departure time before coming to the airport. For up-to-date flight and gate information, please see our real time Flight Information Display.

Bring your photo I.D. Consider wearing it in a holder around your neck so it won’t get lost and you can produce it quickly. If traveling abroad, bring two extra passport photos with you, and leave photocopies of your driver’s license and passport at home in case these documents are lost or stolen.

Help keep wait times down at the security checkpoint by not packing prohibited items in your carry-on luggage. Please visit the TSA Prohibited Items List to answer any questions you may have about prohibited items. Check with your airline regarding carry-on and checked luggage requirements.

Print your boarding pass at home, allowing you to spend less time in the airport.

If you need wheelchair service or oxygen on board, call your airline 48 hours in advance. Call again the day before to make sure your order has gone through.

To get through security faster, wear slip-off shoes (no laces) and socks. Avoid belts with metal buckles and metal jewelry. If you have metal implants, bring proof from your doctor.