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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Where is Austin Straubel International Airport located?

The Airport is located in the villages of Ashwaubenon and Hobart, just on the outskirts of the City of Green Bay. Under the Airport Code GRB, Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport serves Brown County and dozens of other counties across northeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

Find a map and directions to the Airport on the contact page. Or download our Passenger Terminal Diagram to find your way within the Airport.

2. How far in advance do I need to arrive at the Airport prior to my departing flight?

Arrive at least one hour and fifteen minutes prior to your flight’s scheduled departure to allow enough time to locate a parking space and for additional security measures at the ticket counter and the security checkpoint.

3. What items can I pack in my carry-on bag or checked luggage?

Visit the Transportation Security Administration web page for a list of permitted and prohibited items.

4. What are the luggage size and weight restrictions for carry-on and checked bags?

Contact your airline directly regarding luggage dimensions and weight restrictions.

5. What is the official 3-letter identifier for Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport?

GRB is the official designator for Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport.

6. What are the parking rates at the Airport?

Please visit the parking information section of our web page for parking rates.

7. Which airlines serve the Airport?

Click here to view the passenger airlines serving Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport.

8. What are the Airport's hours of operation?

The terminal opens at 4:00 a.m. each day and closes each evening approximately one hour after the last flight of the day has arrived.

9. Is there a lost and found office at the Airport?

The Airport’s lost and found is located in the Airport Administration office on 2nd floor of the terminal building. You may contact Airport Administration at (920) 498-4800 weekdays between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

10. What do I do if I am picking someone up or dropping someone off?

Please remember that the curb in front of the terminal building is limited to immediate pick-up and drop-off only. No unattended vehicles are allowed. There is a short-term parking lot available for use at the posted rates. Also, the cell phone lot is an option.

11. Where do I go for lost or damaged luggage?

Contact your airline directly regarding lost or damaged luggage.

12. Why is the Airport named after Austin Straubel?

Lt. Col. Austin Straubel was the first aviator from Brown County to lose his life in World War II. On February 3, 1942, after serving in the United States Army Air Corp. for 13 years, Lt. Col. Austin Straubel died during a bombing mission over the Pacific Islands.

The Brown County Board of Supervisors signed a resolution on March 20, 1946, to name Brown County's new airport Austin Straubel Field to honor the dauntless courage, devotion to duty, and self-sacrifice of Lt. Col. Austin Straubel.

13. Who manages and operates the Security Checkpoint area?

The Federal Transportation Security Administration is responsible for the screening of passengers, carry-on baggage, and checked baggage.

14. Why is the Airport called an "International" airport?

For an airport, the designation international is not necessarily related to flight activity. An airport earns the title of international when U.S. Customs offices operate on the premises. Austin Straubel International Airport received this designation in 1988 when U.S. Customs opened their offices within the main terminal.

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